Stewardship – A Way of Life!

icon_christ_faceThis reflection, written by Father Vasyl Sendeha of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, focuses on Church School and religious education. Think about this in terms of your Stewardship.

Religious education is important for children more than ever before. The world that we live in is failing on many accounts in morality, degradation heavily on spirituality. The fast pace, high tech, very busy society leaves very little room for individual to dedicate ones time to the needs of the soul. As a consequence, many people having earthly things in abundance have over satisfied bodies, but suffering souls. Quite often they find themselves in a corner with nowhere to go. They feel lost. They feel lacking something, not knowing exactly what they’ve miss. That something is the food for the soul. That something is communication with higher being, with God. They fail to recognize that, because they simply do not know. You might think, how come they do not know about God, living in modern society. Everyone should know. Who doesn’t know? The ironic thing is that many do not know. Many people do not know what the church is really all about. What God is really all about. What it means to talk to God, to live realizing that we are in His presence that we use things which He has given us to utilize for our benefit. Knowing God, knowing His law, realizing that living according to His will, we can have a better more enjoyable life. This can do everyone, who knows God.

Therefore, do not miss the chance for you children to learn about God, about His commandments, about the true faith. Sign your children up for Sunday School. Bring them regularly on Sunday to church, so they can worship with us and study in the Sunday School. It is true, children learn about God form their parents as well as in Church at the Divine Liturgy, but taking a class every year at the Sunday School enriches their knowledge about the faith even more. What they can grasp at the Sunday School in the midst of their peers, cannot be compared to what they can learn at the church or at home, moreover outside these boundaries. Unfortunately, they can’t learn much about God in the public school now.

Invest in your child! Invest not money but time on Sunday. It doesn’t take much. Just spend Sunday morning with your children by taking him/her/them to church and staying after the Divine Liturgy enjoying the coffee hour while they learn about spirituality and morality. These things are portrayed by our society as not very important or as not needed anymore or as a choice of parents. Therefore, make a right choice, give your child an extra opportunity to learn about God and faith and satisfy their spiritual thirst.

Sport activities are important for child’s development, but they shouldn’t be prioritized over spiritual development. Sign your children for afterschool sports activities that take place on Saturdays or Sundays afternoon or make your request to have the practices not on Sunday mornings as it is the time you spend in worship with your children. Making the right choice now, will greatly pay off later in time, when your children grow up strong in faith and with profound ability to practice moral virtues.

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Guiding the Stewardship Committee, as part of the National Standing Committees of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the United States
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