We pray you have a blessed Palm Sunday!

Palm SundayCome, O faithful, let us pass from one holy feast to another!
Let us hasten from the palms and branches to the solemn celebration of Christ’s saving Passion!
We shall see Him voluntarily suffer for our sake!
Let us offer Him a fitting hymn of thanksgiving: “Fountain of tender mercy and haven of salvation,
O Lord, glory to You!”

The Palm Sunday Evening Vesper service includes many hymns that reflect upon Christ and His entry from Palm Sunday to Holy Week. When reading the above hymn, we are drawn to the words voluntary, suffer and Salvation. Jesus Christ died for our sins – He died on the Cross for our Salvation. He did this voluntarily and suffered for all the sins that were committed in this world. Why, then, do we question Stewardship or the care and support of our Church when we so visibly can see what Christ went through for us? Do we voluntarily give of our Time, Talents and Treasures? Do we suffer to help our parish like Christ suffered? Do we reflect upon our own Salvation and the fact that we will be judged by Jesus based upon our works and what we have done with what God has provided for us?

By His stripes, we are healed!

About mychristmycare

Guiding the Stewardship Committee, as part of the National Standing Committees of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the United States
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