Responsibility and accountability with Stewardship!

From Offering You “Your Own of Your Own” by Paul Meyendorff

What then does the Liturgy say to us regarding Stewardship? At first glance, not very much! If one considers Stewardship primarily in financial terms, no prayers in the Eucharistic Liturgy speak directly to the subject, and the rubrics do not even mention when the collection should be taken up. If one considers Stewardship in the broader sense of offering up of ones talents, as the various ministries performed by the members of the Liturgical assembly, one finds a little more – but all too often in contemporary Orthodoxy the people in the pews are simply reduced to passive spectators. It is though our spiritual and liturgical lives would somehow be tainted by concern with money and this is particularly so in the Eucharist at which we are told to “lay aside all earthly cares.” Stewardship has always been an integral part of the liturgical life of the Church. All Christians, and not just the clergy, are responsible and accountable for maintaining the Church and its faith.

As always, Stewardship should be a balance of Time, Talents and Treasures! When thinking about Stewardship and making your commitment, remember to include those areas that are of most interest to you. These are the many opportunities to provide of your Time and Talents – general Church cleaning, leading at a local soup kitchen, organizing a singing event at a local nursing home, driving an elderly parishioner to Church – the key is that each and every act of almsgiving pleases God and defines us as Stewards.

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Guiding the Stewardship Committee, as part of the National Standing Committees of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the United States
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