Lazarus and the rich man – which would you rather be?

During this past week, a parishioner was having a discussion during coffee hour and said “I understand Stewardship, but what is my responsibility?” When we think about Stewardship, the responsibility we have should be very serious. We strive to excel in our careers so that we can live a comfortable life and provide for our families. We take our jobs seriously and the responsibility to do well, to be on time, to put in the hours necessary to succeed and at times, to be away from our family all so that management can say – “he is a company man, worthy of a promotion, gives his time to our corporate efforts.” Think about the responsibility of the rich man from Sunday’s Gospel reading – what he could have done while on this earth to place him in Heaven with Lazarus, instead of being tormented in Hades?

What responsibility do we take for God, Jesus Christ and our Church – as Stewards of what has been provided for us? Do we strive to excel in our faith so that we can live a humble life and provide for our Church? Do we set a good example for our children so that they understand Stewardship and become good Stewards of our parish? Do we take the Church seriously, take the responsibility necessary as a Steward, to put in the hours sharing our Time, Talents and Treasures? And at times, do we actually move away from the earthly life to focus on the Heavenly? Can God can say – he is a faithful man, worthy of Salvation, gives selflessly as a Steward to God’s efforts?

What we must give up – nothing compared to what the Apostles gave up!

What we must face – nothing compared to what Jesus faced!

What we do – nothing compared to what God has done!

About mychristmycare

Guiding the Stewardship Committee, as part of the National Standing Committees of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the United States
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