A thrifty monk…

St. John Climacus, in the Ladder of Divine Ascent, shares the fact that everything in this world is temporary and what we must focus on is not the earthly, but the Heavenly. Worrying about the clothes you wear, the food you eat, whether you have an updated kitchen or the newest model car are things of this world and once you die, cannot be taken with you and will not matter. What is critical is focusing on the heavenly and those practices that will help you to attain the eternal life through Salvation. This is measured by the use of the Time, Talents and Treasures that God has provided for you. One should not be wasteful with excessive purchases or stingy when it comes to helping others. In St. Jerome’s letter, he tells the story of a monk…

I will relate what took place not very many years ago at Nitria. A brother, more thrifty than covetous, and ignorant that the Lord had been sold for thirty pieces of silver, (Matthew 26:15) left behind him at his death a hundred pieces of money which he had earned by weaving linen. As there were about five thousand monks in the neighborhood, living in as many separate cells, a council was held as to what should be done. Some said that the coins should be distributed among the poor; others that they should be given to the church, while others were for sending them back to the relatives of the deceased. However, Macarius, Pambo, Isidore and the rest of those called fathers, speaking by the Spirit, decided that they should be interred with their owner, with the words: Your money perish with you. (Acts 8:20) Nor was this too harsh a decision; for so great fear has fallen upon all throughout Egypt, that it is now a crime to leave after one a single shilling.

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