God’s Bounty to me… is everything in my life!

What shall I render to the Lord, for all His bounty to me?  I will lift up the Cup of Salvation, and call on the Name of the Lord… (Psalm 116)

So many times, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, we forget that “every good gift and every perfect gift” is from God. All of our hard earned treasures.  All of our time.  All of our talents.  All of every single thing we consider to be “ours” is from God and belongs to God.

A man was illustrating this very point not too long ago.  One of his friends was very well-to-do agnostic, and they always maintained a playful banter about the role of God in life.  As is tradition when visiting the friend’s house, the man always brings a gift.  This time, however, he decided that his gift would be a lesson in God.

 Approaching his friend’s house empty-handed, upon entering, he very casually walked over to a beautiful Tiffany lamp in the foyer, unplugged it from the outlet, turned to his friend and said, “Check out what I have for you!  A beautiful Tiffany lamp.” His friend, thinking that he had truly stepped off the deep end, replied sarcastically, “Uh…thanks…for giving me my lamp?”

At this point the man began to explain just what his gift meant.  “You see,” the man said, “anything that we give to God is already his to begin with.  And yet, rather than sarcastically saying thanks, God rejoices with each and every thing we offer Him.”

 This is why we sing the 116th Psalm.  It is a succinct example of the fact that everything we offer to God comes from Him.

 May our Benevolent and Perfect Giver bless us with the ability to emulate Him in our giving.  May He solidify our understanding that He has given us everything, and strengthen our resolve to freely offer to Him all that is His:  our everything!

About mychristmycare

Guiding the Stewardship Committee, as part of the National Standing Committees of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the United States
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